EEMP ( MEP) Engineering Services

ISCPL  is a Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) firm providing, Electrical, Electronics, an Mechanical d Plumbing (EEMP alternatively known as and Medical Engineering Services focused on / dedicated to Drawing, Computer Aided Drafting and Design. We are known for our high quality, cost effectiveness and time bound Engineering services complemented by state-of-the-art facilities.

Our emphasis is on smart, intelligent and Green building which is the next step in quality. Our Managing Director Er. VK Jain was the first person who wrote a book on green building concepts including IBMS and implied his ideas in New Delhi’s first Central Green Building i.e. CAG building constructed by CPWD. Our Engineers work directly on computer.


Outsource EEMP Design & Drafting Services to ISC Pvt. Limited

ISCPL had a broad base of expertise to provide all the phases of  Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical and Plumbing (EEMP ) and Medical Engineering Design and Drafting solutions. We have the technical expertise, right from formulating preliminary design concepts ,preliminary design data or sketches of Design, such as, Plan, elevations, sections etc.

By outsourcing MEEP Design Services to us, you can benefit from our technical expertise and skills. We specialize in preparing the co-ordination drawings across the various trades with horizontal and vertical dimensions to avoid interference with frames, ceilings, mechanical, electrical, electronic plumbing systems, partitions etc. All co-ordination drawings are checked for collisions. Specific fabrication methods are employed to details each drawing. Our engineers will adapt their design and detailing approach to conform to your requirements and standards and are well trained with an expansive amount of industry rich experience.

  • Electrical Systems  Services
  • Electronic Services
  • HVAC and Mechanical Ventilation Services
  • Mechanical Systems including Fire Security Services
  • Plumbing Water Supply,Sanitation & Drainage Services
  • Medical Engineering Services
  • Digital Electronic Services

Our engineers provide all help in getting approval for/from following authorities

  • All estimates and drawings are prepared as per NBC 2005 and Local Rules and regulations and as per CPWD/PWD/Housing boards/Development Authority
  • EIA Approval
  • ECBC
  • CPCB
  • State level Pollution Control Boards
  • Town and Planning Commission
  • Delhi Urban Art Commission
  • Fire Service
  • Municipal Corporation
  • State Electricity Board or any other Electric Supply Company
  • Air port Authority

Application of Green Building concept and ECBC  Norms

Green building is an approach to construction that can be applied to public and commercial buildings as well as the houses we live in. It guides every step of design and construction, from choosing a building site to installing a heating system. Green building is alternately described as “sustainable” building, and ultimately this may be a more accurate way of looking at it. Green building concept has following attributes:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Utilizing minimum natural resources and preserving them for   future generations
  • Sustainability i.e. having internal means of generating resources   as far as possible.
  • Conservation of energy by means of smart devices
  • Using recyclable materials.


The general principles adopted for the Green Building are to:

  • Create a quality building that is commercially viable;
  • Minimise the consumption of materials and maximise their reuse;
  • Protect the natural environment by astute selection and use of materials;
  • Minimise energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Minimise the consumption of mains water and maximise recycling of treated     wastewater, and
  • Adopt environmentally sound and healthy work practices, during both construction   and occupancy.

A building that incorporates information technology and communication systems to make the physical environment more comfortable, interactive, secure, productive and cost-effective is named as an "Intelligent Building".


An intelligent building employs many tightly integrated mechanical and electrical systems that do everything from controlling the building's environment, lighting, and security to maintaining high-speed data networks and emergency backup power generators.
The term "intelligent" is generally applied to refer to a new generation of high-tech buildings with the following state-of-the art features:

  • Flexibility to adapt to changing use of the space and technology.
  • Minimizing energy and operations cost while maximizing the effectiveness of operations personnel.
  • Fire detection and fire fighting system.
  • Access control.

In general Intelligent Building means a centrally managed any building which provides :
convenience services like paging, information system, complaint  management 
infrastructural services viz. server farm, office system, mass mailing system, video-on-demand, presentation, space-management, telecommunications, building management
security services e.g. alarm signal, CCTV, access control system, fire alarm, intrusion alarm
business and financial planning and survey services for example technical ,fixed assets database ,warehouse records, invoicing systems, energy and other cost optimization systems. 

An IB can guarantee the following:

  • lower operational costs; 
  • lower electricity use; 
  • greater equipment reliability; 
  • lower material expenses; 
  • greater worker efficiency; 
  • insurance discounts; 
  • lower service cost for the lifecycle of the building..

We can manage and involve ourselves  in a project from the :

  • Stage of Site Selection, 
  • Geotechnical investigations,
  • Field data collection,
  • Preliminary Estimates and Design Report (PE) based on CPWD Plinth Area Rates (PAR) Basis or otherwise,
  • Concept stage Report,
  • Detailed Project Report (DPR), Preparation of  Detailed  Designs and
  • Drawings for pre and post tender stage(Shop Drawings),
  • Combined Services Drawing (CSD)
  • Bill of Quantities and Material (BOQ and BOM),
  • Schedule of Work,
  • All Tender Documents as per CPWD and FINIT
  • Notice Inviting Tender (NIT),
  • General Conditions of Contracts (GCC),
  • Special Conditions and Specifications for Specialized Works
  • Comparative Item Statement and Tender Evaluation
  • Undertake construction management including quality assurance and
  • Maintenance Estimation and Works.

We aim for client satisfaction, value addition and customer service. Our working is completely process driven and result oriented. We strive to continually improve and update our process and systems to stay in tune with the modern technology. Our client friendly MEEP services, flexibility and efficient project management has contributed significantly in building long term business relationships.

We have a versatile team of  engineers and draftsmen who specialize in design, drawing and drafting services. A wide range of expertise and depth of experience enables our team to complete even the most complicated  projects with ease. We follow NBC 2005,ECBC 2007,National Electrical Code 1985, BIS, NFPA, ASHRAE standards and SMACNA standards.

We provide our clients with creative and custom tailored  design services. We can efficiently handle conceptual, preliminary and detailed design projects in compliance with your standards or requirements. We specialize in converting hand drawn sketches, fully detailed mechanical drawing or a concept into accurate and precise 2D drawings. Some of the input formats which we accept are PDF files, AutoCAD files, Gif or Jpeg files, pictures, photos, scanned images, hand-drawn sketches and electronic files.


Outsource Construction Cost Estimation Services

While maintaining international standards, our team will formulate and analyze your construction cost estimations for above noted services and arrive at the most cost and labor effective building plan.
Accurately estimating construction costs is essential to the long-term success of any company.

  • It gives the cost information needed to make a bid for a contract.
  • It helps in tracking actual costs as the project develops.

By outsourcing construction cost estimation services, you can benefit from high-quality services at a lower cost.

We have the ability to perform an in-depth analysis on your input of hand sketches, 2d drawings or even blueprints and provide construction cost estimations and building cost estimations in terms of cost values.

These cost values are then converted into 2d drawings consisting of plans, elevations or sections.
Our engineers can then provide 3d models based on the inputs we receive from you to truly give a realistic dimension to the cost of construction of a building.

Our panel of experts will interact with you personally to come up with engineering based cost control methods that ensure you get maximum quality buildings for the least cost.

We have a distinctive building cost estimation and construction cost estimation control service:
There are many pure software solutions to building cost estimation and construction cost estimation. What makes us unique, is our emphasis on giving you a solution that will meet your business need. Our building cost estimation and construction cost estimation experts offer one-to-one assistance and recommendations.

The estimators compile and analyze data on all of the factors that can influence costs-such as materials, labor, location, and special machinery requirements, including computer hardware and software.

Our cost estimator then prepares time-phase charts and learning curves to specifically analyze the above factors for cost reduction in materials.
The estimator will also calculate the standard labor hours necessary to produce a specified number of units and then identify areas where checks can be applied resulting in significant time and labor reductions.

The integrated cost estimation services are provided by a combination of Electricall Engineers for Electrical and Electronic works and Mechanical/HVAC  engineers for Mechanical and HVAC works.

Our project engineer will work with your primary contact to complete the services required. The project engineer will play a management role with regards to the team of engineers, graphic artists and technical assistants.

As a result, you will have a single point of contact, the project engineer, who will assist in all major design decisions influencing building and construction costs.
The overall cohesiveness and high talent level of our team make them work as a unit thus allowing effective communication with your design team.

Our  construction cost estimation services include the following outlay:

  • Estimating Basic Material Costs
  • Estimating Engineering Activities
  • Estimating Establishing, Production, Assembly and Construction Activities
  • Labor Allowances
  • Estimating Supervision, Direct Management, and Other Direct Charges

The Use of Factors in Estimating

  • We integrate our professional skills with advanced Software packages to enable a comprehensive solution to building and construction cost estimation.
  • Once the entire service approach has been completed to your satisfaction, then our documenting software can present the building and construction cost estimates in a clear and concise manner.
  • The estimate will broken up into multiple components so you can see the cost allocated to each and every aspect of construction cost estimation.
  • Our analysis comes in both tabular formats as well as if required, graphical outputs that will make client interaction significantly more insightful.
  • Furthermore, even at this stage we are still flexible enough to make changes as per your requirements, thus creating software customized for your individual needs.

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